Thank you for 2010

NewsPosted by 2010-12-21 07:44PM

GenderFocus wishes to thank all partners and clients for a fruitful 2010!

The activities during 2010 have been focused on some strategic assignments due to Carolina Wennerholms almost fulltime work at the Swedish Agency for Development Evaluation. Thus, focus has been on completing the project on GBV training for Sida in cooperation with NCG, as well as on working with SIPU international on the ITP trainings on Human Rights Towards Gender Equality. A cooperation with SIPU in partnership with the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies was initiated, and will continue the coming years. The development of an e-based training module on diversity and gender was the result of a cooperation with MindSet.

An important work has been the development of trainings on CSR in cooperation with Sida Partnership Forum through the CSR Gender Group.

GenderFocus looks forward to new and important projects in 2011!